#WhereIveBeen: Hole In The Rock

During a 3-day work trip in Arizona, Phoenix, I decided to google what Arizona had to offer. Although I didn’t have that much free time, I came across a well known hiking trail in Papago Park and¬†the iconic Hole-in-the-Rock and figured that could be my workout activity that trip. So one morning before arriving on […]

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#MotivatedToGo: Nigeria

You never know what Ifenyi, has up his sleeve, but if I could guess, it may consist of a plane ticket heading somewhere amazing. I recently started following his page closely when he began posting images from his¬†travel to Nigeria. Can you believe the images below were all shot on his iPhone? I hope he […]

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#WhereIveBeen: Cozumel, Mexico

Next stop was Cozumel, Mexico. The first thing we explored was the Mayan Ruins which showed the beautiful history of Cozumel. Here we learn about Mayan civilization and the culture. Although the walkway was very uneven and rocky, we enjoyed ourselves, and saw a lot of iguanas during our tour. Tequila Los Tres Tonos Before […]

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#MotivatedToGo: Sri Lanka

I was introduced to the work of the beautiful Nikia Phoenix through Beautiful in Every Shade created by our mutual friend Carlton Mackey. In Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to meet her at the Walker’s Legacy¬†event and she is just as amazing and warm spirited as you see on social media! From her morning […]

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#WhereIveBeen: Costa Maya, Mexico

Third stop, Costa Maya, Mexico! After getting off the ship we did a little strolling around the dock where they had different vendors for tourist. My souvenir of choice was a chess board with the mayan God’s for chess pieces. We also posed for pictures with some of the Mayan warriors and took some shots […]

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#MotivatedToGo: Cartagena, Colombia

During my college days at VCU I had the opportunity to meet this amazing graphic designer, photographer, poet, and all around artist Rachel Topping! From leaving Richmond, VA post graduation to move to New York, to moving to LA, her journey has truly been inspiring and her work continues to blow my mind! The aesthetic […]

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#WhereIveBeen: Belize

Next Stop, Belize! Honestly Belize was the best part of this cruise, and we sadly don’t have the best parts documented. From the cruise we had to take a small boat to get to Belize. We took a bus to head to an excursion to go zip lining in the rain forest (and we got […]

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#MotivatedToGo: 195 Countries

If you aren’t familiar with Jessica Nabongo, get to know the name, as she is on a mission to become the 1st black woman to travel to all the countries in the world. As of today, she has been to 106 out of 195 countries, and she has 13 months to go to¬†finish this goal […]

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