#MotivatedToGo: 195 Countries

If you aren’t familiar with Jessica Nabongo, get to know the name, as she is on a mission to become the 1st black woman to travel to all the countries in the world. As of today, she has been to 106 out of 195 countries, and she has 13 months to go to finish this goal on May 15, 2019.

You must follow her instagram @thecatchmeifyoucan and catch up on all the amazing adventures she’s had in the previous 106 countries. Trust me he page will not only make you want to travel, but will make you want to help her reach her goal!

If you are able, donate to her campaign and help her make history.

Anse-à-Galets (Photo Credit: James Anthony for @globaljetblack)
Hanging out in Deadvlei, it was a bit hot! (Photo credit: Roman Gian Arthur)
The landscape of the Masai Mara is why it makes it one of my favorite places to do safari. (Photo Credit: James Anthony for @globaljetblack)
A visit to the Giraffe Center is an opportunity to get up close and personal with there beautiful creatures

Be sure to follow her blog for tips on traveling and visit The Catch Me If You Can for a glimpse at all of her travels, her list of favorite beaches around the world, and so much more.


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