#WhereIveBeen: Belize

Next Stop, Belize!

Honestly Belize was the best part of this cruise, and we sadly don’t have the best parts documented. From the cruise we had to take a small boat to get to Belize.

We took a bus to head to an excursion to go zip lining in the rain forest (and we got rained on which made it more beautiful). We were advised to put our phones in lockers so we wouldn’t lose any of them, hence why we don’t have many pictures. I am slightly afraid of heights, and the first line was about 40 yards and we were too high from the floor (over the trees) and I was nervous, until I saw my younger 12 year old cousin take it like a champ. So I faced my fear and it was the most freeing experience I ever had in my life.

On top of that, the food that was served was amazing. All authentic dishes (I wish we took a picture of the food), and we got spiked coconut water as a parting gift!

Last observation, one thing that shocked us as we were driving through Belize was the medians that separated the roads. All of the medians were used as burial sites.


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