#WhereIveBeen: Cozumel, Mexico

Next stop was Cozumel, Mexico.

The first thing we explored was the Mayan Ruins which showed the beautiful history of Cozumel. Here we learn about Mayan civilization and the culture. Although the walkway was very uneven and rocky, we enjoyed ourselves, and saw a lot of iguanas during our tour.

Tequila Los Tres Tonos

Before heading back to the cruise we stopped at Tequila Los Tres Tonos where we learned how Tequila was made. This process is much slower than I imagined, while watching the sugary sap from the agave plant (after being cooked and shredded) dripping slowly into a glass jar. Definitely an informative and fun tour I would recommend to anyone! Towards the end there was a tasting portion where we were given free shots to taste the different flavors of Tequila.

On our way back to the cruise, while most of the crew decided to grab food from Hard Rock Cafe, Lee and I decided to get some street tacos, and I must say, they were ggreeeeaattt!!!



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