#WhereIveBeen: Roatan, Honduras

So my family took a cruise for my Aunts 50th birthday, so here is a recap of the fun we had! Our first stop on the cruise was Roatan, Honduras! Since our party was so big, we got our own travel bus that ironically said, “God is Good” on the windshield. Driving in Roatan was […]

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First things first, I dislike that Apple took away the headphone port on the newer iPhone models! 🗣 INCONVENIENT On my London trip in August I had to get a new phone the day of my flight because of an internal malfunction. I had an amazing sales rep at AT&T, but it wasn’t until I […]

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#MotivatedToGo: BALI!

So I sadly missed this trip this year, but I have to post about this amazing yearly celebration in honor of my most favorite people in the world, Elton Anderson. When I tell you that Elton is the most generous, caring, inspiring people I have had the honor of meeting back in 2013, and man do […]

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#WhereIveBeen: Birmingham, UK

Before my originally booked trip to Bali and Thailand for Elton’s birthday, I decided to change my travels and get an early start by heading to Birmingham, UK for the IAAF Indoor World Championships 2018. Knowing I only wanted to travel with a book bag and a carry on for this entire trip I had […]

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#WhereIveBeen: Windsor Castle

Since I’ve been in England since Monday for the World Indoors Championships 2018 before heading to Bali on Friday, I decided to reminisce on my trip to Windsor Castle after the World Championships last year. I extended my trip in England hoping to go to Paris, and when that didn’t work out I had to […]

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#WhereIveBeen: Morocco Madness!

So this trip was definitely in my top 5 highlights of 2017! In my previous post I spoke about how much I wanted to travel with Elton Anderson, and last year I got to join this amazing group to celebrate his birthday in Morocco! When I tell you he is the best group trip planner, […]

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#WhereIveBeen: London

Soo I decided to post my London trip on Valentine’s Day for 3 reasons! 1 because my stomach fell in love at Bill’s Restaurant in London, 2 because my heart was softened as I unexpectedly met my current valentine 😊❤️ so London now holds a special place in my heart, and 3 because during my […]

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